Receiving a citation for a major or main offense can be a stressful experience for anyone. A criminal lawyer Toronto firm can help a defendant in a wide variety of ways. Such an attorney can conduct services such as negotiating bail, arguing a person’s guilt, questioning an arrest, and negotiating for alternative sentencing for a person who receives a conviction. Criminal attorneys have expertise is a multitude of cases. The following are some of the main cases and offenses that an attorney of that type defends:

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a major offense that can bear multiple consequences. A person who is convicted of such an offense may have to spend time in jail and pay an extremely large fine. His or her license may be suspended for a significant amount of time. Along with the inconvenience of losing a license for a long period, the insurance company may drop the offender from the policy when he or she does have the license reinstated. Furthermore, A DUI convict will have a permanent criminal record that can cause that person trouble getting a job in the future.

Theft can involve the unlawful taking of cash or property that is equal to a certain amount of money. Two types of theft exist, and both of them have serious consequences. Petty theft is a crime that includes less than $5,000 in cash or property. Grand theft is any crime that includes more than $5,000. The punishment for a small theft can involve six months to two years in jail and hefty fines. Grand theft can result in a person’s incarceration for up to 10 years. A person who is coping with a theft charge will need a criminal lawyer Toronto specialist to establish reasonable doubt and aim for an acquittal.

Assault is on the list of top crimes in the United States and Canada. Assault can occur in the form of a threat or direct physical contact with another party. An assault conviction can have a punishment of up to 14 years depending on the degree of the violation.

Other crimes that are common are breaking and entering, mischief, and justice administration violations such as evading police officers and running away from questioning. A criminal lawyer can act as a person’s support system through one of these trying cases.

A person who is facing a criminal charge should never do such alone. The best step to take after receiving any citation is contacting a legal specialist. An experienced specialist will have some insight during the consultation that may shed light on the legal matter. Toronto lawyers will offer fair prices for representation.