Type of Charges That Would Require Assistance From A Criminal Lawyer

Type of Charges That Would Require Assistance From A Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers pride themselves in their zealous defense tactics and their aggressive defense style for defending those who have been accused of committing a crime. Criminal attorneys handle various cases, from speeding and traffic violations, to the most serious felonies. A criminal lawyer Calgary will defend clients in district, superior and municipal courts.

Criminal Attorney Standards

Criminal lawyers pay close attention to every detail in each specific case. Criminal defense attorneys work hard to achieve the best outcome for each case they handle. Specific facts of a criminal case are assessed to determine the best approach for the case. Criminal defense attorneys work hard for anyone accused of a crime, even individuals who have problematic cases.

Misdemeanor and Felony Representation

Criminal defense representatives are experts in criminal law and practice their defense tactics in the following areas:

      • Driving with a Revoked License
      • Driving with a Suspended License
      • DUI-Drunk Driving
      • BWI-Operating a Boat while Intoxicated
      • Hit and Run
      • Giving False Information to a Police Official
      • Malicious Mischief in the 3rd Degree
      • Minor in Possession of Alcohol or a Controlled Substance
      • Driving Negligence in the 1st Degree
      • 1st and 3rd Degree Trespassing
      • Drug Paraphernalia Possession
      • Marijuana Possession under 40 grams
      • Justice Obstruction

Felony Representation

    • Fraud
    • Identity Theft
    • Injury Accidents caused by a Hit & Run
    • 1st and 2nd Degree Malicious Mischief
    • 1st and 2nd Degree Possession of Stolen Property
    • Robbery
    • Theft of a Motor Vehicle
    • 1st and 2nd Degree Theft
    • 1st and 2nd Degree Trafficking Within Stolen Property
    • 1st and 2nd Degree Unlawful Possession of a FirearmFelonies are the most serious crimes. A charge must carry a potential punishment in excess of one year imprisonment to be considered a felony.

Pre-Arrest Investigation Process

In most instances, arrests are not made prior to a complete investigation. The investigation may take weeks to complete or can be done within minutes. Individuals who think they are being investigated need to obtain the help of a criminal attorney. Police questioning is the most crucial point in a case, and unfortunately, this is the point when many suspects provide incriminating evidence to the police.

Many individuals who are under investigation agree to allow police to search their vehicles, participate in roadside testing and talk to police officials without protecting their own rights with legal representation. Individuals who are pending an arrest are not required to provide any information to police officials, except for their identification information. Remain silent and request a defense attorney if you are held and questioned by the police.

Bond and Arraignment

Arraignment is the process in which the alleged charges against an individual are read. Arraignments often happen within two days of an individual being taken into custody. If an individual is cited and then released, the arraignment will occur within a 14 day period following the arrest. During the arraignment process, arrested individuals must enter their plea. This is a good time to request a criminal attorney if an opportunity has not been given. Individuals must not enter a plea prior to speaking with a defense attorney.

Bond amounts are based on multiple factors and may include the likelihood that the individual will appear in court, the possibility of witness tampering, and the likelihood that the individual imposes a danger to themselves or others.

Why It Is Important To Hire a Criminal Lawyer When Facing Charges

Why It Is Important To Hire a Criminal Lawyer When Facing Charges

One of the mistakes some people make when charged with a crime is to avoid hiring a lawyer with experience in the area. Criminal lawyers are one of the only ways to effectively defend against charges. There are several reasons why a criminal lawyer should always be hired.

Employ the Full Weight of the Law
Mounting an effective criminal defense means more than just describing why the charges are not true. It involves developing a complex legal strategy and knowing the law. Hiring a criminal lawyer makes it possible to employ the full weight of the law. The lawyer will be able to look at the charges through a legal lens. The lawyer might be able to have charges reduced or even dismissed based on sections of the law most average people do not know.

Deal With the Complexities of Evidence and Witnesses
There are actually many different laws and rules regarding evidence and witnesses. A criminal lawyer can help to gather evidence and present it in a way that is compelling during a trial. A lawyer can also assess the evidence and witnesses being used against a client. A Criminal Lawyer Toronto could be able to have evidence excluded or limited. A criminal lawyer could even bring in consultants or experts to dispute the validity of evidence and witnesses to make a stronger defense.

Benefit From Years of Experience
Many criminal lawyers gravitate towards a few specific types of cases. A lawyer could handle mostly impaired driving, assault or other offenses. Clients will benefit from the years of experience the lawyer has with these cases. The lawyer will know what the courts are looking for, what strategies are most effective and what actions the opposing attorney is likely to take. The result is that hiring a criminal lawyer will increase the chances of a successful defense against the charges.

Defend Against Malicious or Frivolous Legal Actions

Criminal lawyers can help to defend against malicious or frivolous legal actions. Criminal cases are not always simple. The charges could be inflated to increase penalties or to intimidate the defendant into a deal. Criminal lawyers know how to identify and stop these types of tactics. Average people do not usually have the legal knowledge or expertise to identify why certain charges are not valid. Criminal lawyers can make sure legal actions do not interfere with a fair trial.

Protect the Rights of Clients

There are many different points during criminal proceedings where the rights of an individual could be trampled intentionally or unintentionally. A person with no legal training might not recognize when this is happening. With a criminal lawyer Toronto residents will have an aggressive advocate. The lawyer will do nothing but protect personal rights against infringement at every turn.